With millions of new hand held devices being sold each year there is a tremendous amount of electronics discarded. We at Tech Heroes would like to repurpose and reuse that technology to help a sick child play friends again.

by RECYCLING Technology

Recycle Tech


Tech Heroes Restoring Kid Time

See how Kinsley maintained straight A's and her friendships while undergoing cancer treatment.

In today's connected world kid's play Online. Whether it's instant messaging with their friends, playing video games, watching videos or Skyping grandma, kids live online. And there is nothing more an ill child wants more than to just be a Kid.
Every kid wants to play and socialize. You can help restore a sick child's Kid Time. Donate your battery powered technology and help a kid be a kid again.
Kids being Kids

With your new or used electronic  device or cash donation 100% of the proceeds goes towards helping kids with chronic illnesses in local Children's hospitals.  We operate with 100% volunteer staff. 
Please consider donating today!